Too Many Christmas Movies (not enough time)

It can’t be because we are getting older, but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to compress itself, becoming shorter and shorter. Here at The Four-Acre Wood. it forces us to choose our time wisely; which decorations to put up, which cookies to bake, which Christmas movies to watch, and maybe toughest of all, which of those to exclude … these are all very important decisions in any household.

Our movie watching is largely dictated by the audience, if the grandkids are over the list narrows to some of the newer options: Elf, Home Alone, and A Christmas Story. If it’s just Tim, Susan, and Mimsy we take a step back in time to the classics: Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and A Night to Remember. Given enough time a few more may make the rotation. (FYI, Mimsy is not that picky as long as her people are around)

What are your favorites? What’s on your must-watch list?

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